How to Attract Someone or Make Them Jealous

The one of the most common desire of every human being is to be liked by the majority of the people. This desire may also include the desire to be appreciated by the special someone. The same principle that is used to attract someone is also applied to make someone jealous. I am going to explain these principles in detail but before that let me tell you something important.

It might appear easy in theory, but in practice, it is not. These principles are life-changing. What I mean by the above statement is that once you start applying these principles in your life, you will be a changed person. Also, as I explained in my theory of contradiction article, everything in this world is determined by the probability, and it is sporadic that any activity has 100 percent probability of success. The theory of contradiction is critical as it applies to all aspect of life including this one. We just have to know how to use it correctly.

Let’s start with our topic of attraction.  As I said before that being liked by the majority is one of the most common desire. There is one more desire everyone has, and that is a life full of love, peace, and happiness. This two desire seems very different but trusts me everything is connected. These two are the separate branch of the same tree. Once you find one, you will automatically detect other, but apparently, due to the theory of contradiction, there must be some distance between them.

1st principle: The first principle says that drop the desire of being liked by people as it is not in your control and focus on things that are in your power, i.e., live a life full of love, peace, and happiness. I already told you about U-index and things that people enjoy most in article Experienced Well-Being. If you read that article, you already know that the easiest and best way of living an enjoyable life is to focus on the task at hand. In short, the 1st principle is, “Practice Mindfulness.”

2nd principle: Keeping things monotonous will make you dull. Spice it up. In your spare time trying to learn about everything that fascinates you. Develop a hobby and work on it. In short, be proactive. Keep learning new things, it will make you more approachable and engaging.

3rd principle: Be rich. No matter what anyone says, if you have the desire to attract someone, then you must have to be rich. Being rich makes your life more comfortable and satisfying. It doesn’t mean that you have to be a billionaire, just cross a threshold ($75,000 for American in high society). Studies show that living satisfaction increase till the threshold and after that point it becomes constant. More satisfied you are, more attractive you appear. Along with being rich you also have to feel and appear rich. You all are aware of gold digger prank and its proof only one point, i.e., appearance matter most in the short run. For long race feelings have upper hand, then why not keep them both.

4rth principle: Everyone wants to reduce their U-Index, and socializing is one of the most suitable tools. Everyone wants to be around a person who knows how to enjoy. Be that person. Once you start following the 1st principle and 2nd principle, it will be easy to be an enjoyable person. All you have to do is to take pride in every activity that you do. Taking pride in your work doesn’t mean maligning others. Respect what others do for their living and listen attentively but respect yourself as well as. Be enthusiastic, and you will be the life of social gathering. In other words, the 4rth principle says, act with DIGNITY.

5th principle: This principle is about applying the theory of contradiction. It is about the mix of Mr. nice guy and asshole or goddess and vamp. Psychology says that to keep a relationship working we need to keep the ratio of the good act to bad act at least 5:1. Taking this into consideration, keep the ratio 1:1 on the first interaction and move toward 5:1 depending upon the time you want to spend with them. This means if you’re going to attract someone, do 1 act of good (happy emotion) and 1 action of bad (sad feeling) in the beginning and then move toward 5 act of good and 1 act of bad. If you want to repel someone then move to 5 act of bad and 1 act of good. An act of good implies giving him/her priority over yourself whereas act of bad is prioritizing yourself over others.

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