Introduction to Photography

In this age of smart mobile phones, everyone is a photographer. I too belong to the same community. Clicking the picture of everything that attracts me. Besides becoming jokes in the friend circle, the problem is that most of the time we end up not getting a good shot because of our lack of knowledge regarding photography. So I decided to learn it.

What I learned so far is that there are four crucial terms regarding photography that defines our ability to click fabulous pictures. They are namely, ISO (light sensitivity), aperture, shutter speed and focus on the subject of interest. More control we have on these components more professional we are.

ISO: It determines the light sensitivity of the film. Greater the ISO more the light sensitivity. A Higher value of the ISO can lead to noise in the picture. What is noise? Small white granular like structure in the photographs. Therefore it is prefered to keep the ISO as low as possible. Many professional keep ISO 100 for standard lighting. As the lighting change adjust the ISO according but try to keep it as minimum as possible most preferably around 100.

Aperture: If you every studied ray optice you must have known that aperture is usually the diameter of the lens. Bigger aperture will let in more light and decrease the depth of view and vice versa. Reducing the depth of view means blurring the object at a larger distance. It is generally donated in the form of a focal length of the lens like f/2.8, f/10.1 etc.

Shutter Speed: It is the time required for the camera to click the image. It is denoted with relation to second (1”) like 1/100, 1/20, 1” etc. In our camera 1/ is hidden, and just denominator is visible. Control over shutter speed can help us by clicking the image of moving an object with sufficient sharpness.

Focus: What is the point of clicking pictures if we cannot get what attracts us. Control over all the above three-point enhance our photographs, but before that, we have to know what we want to improve. Focusing on the right object and controlling ISO, Aperture and Shutter speed can bring our photo alive.

Now you all know the soul of photography. One more thing I want to tell you that photography is more about practice than theory, so before going further, download few professional app on your phone and use your phone camera setting manually to click pictures.

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