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Smartphones revolutionize the way we work. The amount of stuff we can do with our phone is really amazing. Whether it is about using maps, games, calls, message, budget planning, news, taking notes, etc. It put the world in our pocket. It is so portable that it becomes part of us. Out of all the amazing stuff a smartphone can do, I am going to talk about only one here and i.e., Photography.

Photography is a new trend and everyone is going with it. Snapchat and Instagram proved it like a boss. Everyone, now a day, is clicking the picture of a great moment they encounter, whether to share it or to keep it to themselves. The only irritating thing in this process is the time when we not able to get a good shot. It happens to me many times. Out of those few time sometimes when I want myself in the picture, people mess it up pretty bad.

To get over these type of incident we just have to keep few points in our mind during our initial investment on the phone so that we get a better result with lesser effort. Thus increasing our’s as well as others efficiency in clicking beautiful photographs.

  1. DIS or EIS: DIS stands for Digital Image Stabilization. Whereas EIS stands for Electronic Image Stabilization. Both the term, in common English, denote image stabilization while clicking a picture. I have seen people bragging about the pixels of their camera but what’s the point if we not able to focus accurately on things we need to take the photo of, because of shaking hands. It is the most common reason for blur and disappointing shots. DIS and EIS is the best solution for these problems. So next time if you are buying a phone you must look for this feature.
  2. Aperture: Aperture is the opening of the lens through which the light pass. Larger the aperture means more light and thus better low light image and selfies. A much need feature in indoor photography. Some high-end phones like iPhone compensate small aperture problem with great camera software but in general, for mid to low range smartphone, aperture matters much. Generally for this category phone aperture of F1.9 or less is good options.

Next time you buy a beautiful phone to match your personality do look at these two features for sure.

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