Time machine

Time machine- this device polarizes our mind in a direction that- “A machine that enables us to know about our history, can predict our future, can give detailed information about natural calamities before it happens, can give information about “how the earth is formed ?”, how Dinosaur got extinct. In fact, much information which is hidden to human beings can identified, viewed or predicted by using this machine.

Obviously, as human nature is curious, everyone wants to know about his/her future so that he can manage, arrange or standardize his today to make the format of his perfect future.

But a basic question arises in everyone’s mind “Is that the existence of this machine is real or just a fantasy, myth or a philosophical imagination?” Our great scientist’s yet not made this kind of machine.

In our history books, some discussions proved the existence of time machine. Many persons in our history, time to time had claimed that they travelled by this. But they weren’t able to give suitable information about their journey of past or future.

They used to discuss about the construction of time machine as:-“A machine with a glittering metallic framework, sacredly larger than a small clock and very delicately made. There was ivory in it and some transparent crystalline substance. Different persons had their own view different from others. The basic principle for this machine is just that any real body must have extensions in four directions i.e. length, breadth, thickness, and duration. There is however a tendency to draw an unreal distinction between the three dimension and time, because it happens to our consciousness only.

Any ways, we talked much about its construction , we are well known about its principle also but we are still unable to fabricate, implement or manufacture this kind of machine, still we think that this is just a philosophy, myth nothing else.

But fewer people violate for above, they claimed that they journeyed by a time machine. So let us discuss about a story of a person who journeyed by time machine.

A man named Charley, 31 yr old, claimed that the Grand Central Station, new York has third level, but it’s a universal truth there is only two levels not “The Third Level”. His psychiatrist friend told that it was an attempt by Mr. Charley to escape from his family problems. But Charley refused to understand this, he showed coins he had collected from third level which is used in past, but this time also everyone refused to believe that he collected that coin from third level, the reason behind that is everyone has tendency or habit of involving them in different jobs such as collecting antique coins, stamps, likewise may be Charley had got this habit and showed the antique coins that may be buoyed from somewhere.

Many such type of stories are there related with time machine, the person travelled can’t able to prove himself and for everyone it’s just a fantasy. Our scientists are still trying to make this type of machine, may be they succeed, just like now everyone knows that around sun all planets revolve since our scientists managed to capture pictures and videos of that to prove this but before a few decades “Sokeraties” a scientist told this to everyone but no one understand this at that time and used to beat him. May be this come true for time machine also, may be after few years apple, sony etc companies launch their time machine of different efficiency of travelling into time, all I discussed is contacted in one word “ MAY BE”. Let’s see, perhaps in ‘future’ we can see our “PAST AND FUTURE”.

By: Nikhil Upadhyay (Manager – Utilities and Boiler Operation DFPCL)

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