How to convert Microsoft word file into pdf form?

You have written a project report in Microsoft word and you have to submit a pdf copy of that file, now what you do, you go online and search for word to pdf converter, then a list of options are available to you, where you can upload your word file and download the converted pdf file.


Disadvantages of online pdf converters

If you know the disadvantages of online converter then you will never convert a file online into pdf form;

  1. Loss of data: supposed you write a report of 20 pages and want to convert it into pdf form then surely your internet data is consumed by these websites.
  2. TTime-consuming online method of converting files is time-consuming The bigger the size of the file, the more time it will take.
  3. Viruses and spam: the file you download after conversion is contained with viruses; it can damage your computer in many ways, and also corrupt your file.
  4. Data stealing: These online converters surely steal your original data and use it for their own personal business.
  5. No privacy: suppose you write something private in your computer and want to convert it into pdf form, then maybe it will exposed to the world when you convert a file online.

Keeping these drawbacks in mind I am going to present you a very simple idea of converting files offline in your own computer. I am not going to sell you any software or converter for this, instead I’ll tell you some basic steps to convert a word file into pdf form using Microsoft word only

Step 1: open your word file


Step 2: now press two keys together ctrl+P, it will automatically sends print command to Microsoft word and a small window open up at your screen like this


In the name tab it is showing a message Microsoft print to pdf,

Now click ok at the bottom and you will be directed to a new window like this

Step 3: Name your file now and click save, now your file will be saved in pdf form.


Now all the disadvantages served as your advantages, you can use this method without data connection and also add permanent watermark to your work for security purpose.

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