Things to Remember before Travelling

Are you planning a trip to your city or in a nearby city, then here are few things that you should keep in mind to make your journey more comfortable.

  1. Plan Ahead: It will be best if you plan ahead of the journey. Things to be noted in the planning are;
    • List of places you are going to travel.
    • Type of convenience, like train or bus to be used
    • Length of the road to be covered by foot.
    • List of things to carry with us.
  2. Wear casual clothes and comfortable shoes: While traveling you may face unexpected conditions and when things don’t go as plan, people get frustrated very easily. This frustration can be avoided when we make ourselves comfortable with the situation. To be comfortable with the situation wear cloth that is easy to carry like t-shirt and cargos. Cargo comes handy while traveling because it can carry more gadgets than jeans and comfortable too. Also, try to wear running shoes instead of a sleeper or formal shoes. The running shoe is designed for greater comfort while running or walking. I will suggest keeping an extra t-shirt in case of too much sweat due to heat or traffic. 
  1. Mobile phone: In our daily life mobile phones play a very vital role and now their importance become so crucial that we can’t go anywhere without them. But, sometimes, I see people forgetting it when they are in hurry. So, to make sure that this doesn’t happen with you, make a note of it and put it on your mirror or fridge, whichever you prefer. Also, mobile phones are very important for security purpose. You can call for help when you find yourself in a critical situation.
  1. Power Bank: An important component that must be added with the mobile phones is power bankLow battery on a long journey will interrupt your comfort and increase anxiety due to which you will not be able to use important apps like Google map etc. Power bank will surely help you connected with the necessary apps and make your journey enjoyable. 
  1. Headphone: A very useful device when talking to someone in public and noisy place. It also helps in entertaining ourselves, without causing distraction or nascence to others. 
  1. Money, Wallet and Travelling bag: Well, I didn’t have to tell you that you must carry an adequate amount of money for your journey. Keeping in mind, the ticket cost and the kind of expenses you do for eatables, newspaper, and clothing. The type of purse or wallet you carry is very important. My advice to you is to go for small purses or wallets because they are very handy.

Never keep all your money in one place while traveling. Use hidden pocket to keep extra cash in case of emergency. If you are not aware of hidden pockets, these are the pockets that are hard to find by the pick-pocketers, like tucks in your jeans, spills in your belt. You can use this for hiding your extra amount of money, passport or any other valuable thing.

For travelling bags use the one that can easily be carry over shoulders in case your journey have more uneven roads otherwise use trolley bags.

  1. Water bottle, Sunglasses, Knife and Chocolates: Use bottle that keeps the temperature of water constant at least for 24 hours like Milton. Water will keep you hydrated throughout journey if you use it wisely. Always carry cold water with some glucose and salt mixed in it. Sunglasses will provide protection from UV rays in case you have to walk in the sun. Chocolates or energy bar will regulate your blood sugar in case you feel tired. Fruits like apple and banana are the best substitute for chocolates. The knife is for safety and cutting things.

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