Most powerful lesson one can learn if he/she is seeking for spiritual health is Listen. When someone asked to listen it means he/she is expected to perceive everything around him/her. It includes feeling, understanding, observing and empathizing.

Everything in this universe has its sound. Whether it is wind, water, animal, plant, human, planet, stars, fire etc. These sounds have the answers to every questions and solution to all the problem. Initially, it may seem stupid, but once we start doing it, we eventually realize its significance.

When we look around, we will find out that all the great leaders and personality are specialized in listening. The whole world talks about them and wants their reaction. These types of people are too busy working, and they can work on the right task because they listen most.

Whenever we got stuck or have any problem, we must discuss it with nature. The sound of nature has its solution, and if we are not getting it, this means we are not listening properly. To become the best listener we must practice mindfulness. Just keep one thing in mind, once we get the answer we must act on it.

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