One of the most talked words in mankind history is Karma. Everyone is affected by this, but very few know the magic behind. As a matter of fact, we cannot even survive without doing any kind of karma because the breath we take is also karma. Karma means activity; it may be anything like breathing, writing, reading etc. So how we can increase our understanding of karma? We have to start with Hindu religious book “Bhagavad Gita” because it is the first book where the concept of karma in explained to this world and readily available too. In the book, we will find out that mainly karma is divided into two types.

  • Sakaam Karma: Any karma or activity that we do knowingly or unknowingly to gain something is called Sakaam Karma.
  • Niskaam Karma: Any karma or activity that we do knowingly or unknowingly just for the sake of doing it is called Niskaam Karma. It means we have no concern about the outcome of the action, whatever it may be, we will accept it wholeheartedly.

The difference between Sakaam and Niskaam karma is very thin. An activity can be Niskaam or Sakaam karma depending our attachment to its outcome. For instance, take the example of breathing. Everyone breath all the time and most of the time it is Niskaam karma but once we realize that we have to breath to stay alive our breathing change and therefore our breathing become Sakaam Karma. Also, Sakaam and Niskaam karma are interchangeable at any instance of time. Suppose the situation when we play a sport we almost don’t care about our breathing, good or bad it doesn’t matter we only focus more on the game and thus our breathing is Niskaam karma as we are not attached to the result most of the time.

One question came to our mind is that which of this two karma is better. The answer is apparently Niskaam karma. Why? Once we detach ourselves with the result, then we will achieve a state of peace that will not be affected by our surrounding and will lead us to ultimate happiness.

Now the question arises that how we can do niskaam karma. To answer this question we need greater spiritual understanding. We need to know how karma works and we can do it by looking inside us.

What we do is what we get, and there is no escaping from it.

We are stuck in birth-death cycle unless we don’t get everything we did and as long as we take birth, we have to do something. We all know this very authentic natural and physical law of action and reaction, i.e., every action has an equal and opposite reaction. To do niskaam karma, we have to assume that there is a supreme power who omnipotent. This divine supreme power resides even inside us and we work on his command. Our purpose of life is to carry out his command and whatever happens because of our action it all belongs to him.

We call the part of the supreme power that resides under us soul. The soul it like the IP address of the karma. Wherever the soul goes karma follows. By doing niskaam karma we reverse the process. We send the karma to supreme power and thus soul follows. This much knowledge is sufficient to live a happy life.

Many rational people like me discard the idea of the soul from scratches. I have a question for those people, “do you remember everything from your delivery till now as it is?” If your answer is no, then how can you be so sure that you had never taken birth before. We know many things, maybe too many, but not everything.

Now let’s talk about few characteristics of the soul. Getting stuck in an almost never-ending cycle implies that the thing is imperishable and immortal. Thus our soul is imperishable and eternal. Why stuck in the cycle and if stuck why a way out? There must be something wrong that our soul had done and these lead to another property of the soul, i.e., it is corruptible.

If we want to get closer to our soul or to the supreme power we have to connect ourselves to the whole universe mentally. To do that we have to move on to the next step that is consciousness.

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