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On health and creativity, we already discuss, how to set a home gym and do the workout for fat loss. This article is about doing the workout in the gym. 

In the gym, we have more instrument and heavy weights. In case we don’t have a proper gym at home we must join a good gym. Also if we join the gym we have to be more careful as there is lots of instrument and weights that we don’t even have to use. Given below is a workout schedule that we can follow for attractive and strong physic. This schedule is good for males because in emphasis more on broader shoulders. For those females who want to follow this routine decrease the weight on the bench press by 5 kg and on shoulder press by 2.5 kg and you are good to go. We will need a digital watch to note rest period between sets.

  • Note 1: Weight given for barbell exercises like, squats and deadlifts is the weight of only one plate.
  • Note 2: If weight appears too heavy to lift then lift 1/5 times of weight given then do 2/5 times then 3/5 times and so on till you reach the given weight.
  • Note 3: Take rest for about 2 minutes between each exercise. For abs exercises, the rest period is 20 seconds between exercises.  
  • Note 4: The day not given is off-days

Day 1: Chest, Shoulder, and Triceps

Day 2: Back and Biceps

Day 3: Abs

Day 4: Legs

Day 5: Chest, Shoulder, and Triceps

Day 6: Abs

Day 7: Rest

Day 8: Back and Biceps

Day 9: Abs

Day 10: Legs

Day 11: Chest, Shoulder, and Triceps

Day 12: Abs

Day 13: Back and Biceps

Day 14: Rest

Day 15: Legs

Day 16: Chest, Shoulder, and Triceps Abs

Day 17: Abs

Day 18: Back and Biceps

Day 19: Abs

Day 20: Legs

Day 21: Rest

Repeat the exercises again from the day 1.

Safety Measures

It feels good when we achieve something and our effort are going in the right direction. To keep this happy feeling, we need to follow few safety measures. This will ensure progress in future too. There is no substitute for the proper form. Only do the exercise in the proper form to ensure safety. Beside proper form these things can also be helpful Thus for the safety purpose, we are going to need following equipment.


  1. Shoes: As we are dealing with metals it is advisable to wear shoes. It will also protect our ankle and keep it warm.
  2. Belt: There is a single bone structure that joins our upper body to lower body, and it is very vital. The spine. The Belt increases the density of muscles and fat around spine for better support.
  3. Supporter: Exercise increase the excretion of testosterone for the muscles growth. Supporter supports the scrotum when it is filled with excess testosterone.
  4. Gloves: If we want to keep our hands soft.
  5. Kneecaps: What belts do for spin, caps do the same things for joints. It will support our joints and facilitate extension movements.



These exercises are intense and we need proper nutrition. It’s tough to eat enough and right and that’s the reason supplements are so useful. I trust only three supplements.

Whey Protein: the Finest source of artificial protein and easily digestible. Take one scoop 30 minutes before exercise or just after exercise. Take protein on days when we go to the gym. On other days natural foods are sufficient.

Honey: Honey is a good source of carbohydrate and very helpful in digestion of food. Take one tablespoon honey with water after exercise.

Amway Nutrilite daily: Whey protein is more about energy as it is rich in protein, whereas Nutrilite daily is multivitamins that will help in the recovery of muscle fiber. Just take one tablet every second or third day before going to sleep.


A good quality product will remain by our side for few extra miles and that extra miles really matter. This schedule is just like that.

IMG_20170914_194634_2781This is me after following above program.

Let us know if you love the workout routine in the comment section. Also feel free to ask any question related to this workout routine.

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