What to eat in Festivals?

diwaliDiwali is around the corner, and people undergoing weight loss routine are conscious about sweets all around them. Most of them will try to stick to their diet chart and thus avoid the food item exclusive reserve for the festive season. If you fail to do it, you also end up feeling bad. My suggestion to every health enthusiastic out there is to take a break of one week and enjoy the festival.

We are doing exercise and following a proper diet to stay fit and live a healthy life, but what’s the point of being healthy if we cannot live. Besides, Its feel quite awkward to the people around us because of our behavior. So just let it go and enjoy.

Just keeping few points in mind will keep us calm throughout the festive week.

  1. Do at least some light exercises.
  2. Homemade dishes are healthier compared to packaged and outside meals.
  3. If eating the fried item, makes sure it is cooked in desi ghee. Smoking point of desi ghee is higher than any other oil and thus healthier.
  4. Eat banana: It has potassium which helps with normal digestive and muscular function. It also helps in maintaining blood sugar to keep us recharge and protect us from the temptation of overeating sweets.
  5. Eat rice: It has L-lysine which help is digestion of other protein.
  6. Prefer sweet made from coconut and ‘booniye ke ladoo’ over others.
  7. Most importantly, present sweets to all the people working at your home, like the cleaner, washer etc as a gift. you can do more if you want to. Share happiness


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