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“Yatha jeevat, sukham jeevat, runam krutva, ghrutam pibat” Meaning for as long as you live, live happily, and even if you have to take a loan, ensure that you can drink ghee.

Above sentence is the opening line of the first chapter after the introduction of “Indian Superfoods”. Rujuta Diwekar entirely convinced me by her logic of eating local food for a healthy lifestyle is to the point in the introduction. I am pretty sure that you also agree with her once you read it. I must read the book for every Indian who want to live a healthy and happy life. The best part about her eating style is its diversity, and thus we can eat everything that we avoid before because of our crash diet.

She describes the usefulness of ten food item that we leave out our plate because of our weight loss program because of your ignorance toward our cultural knowledge. These things are Ghee, Rice, Banana, Coconut, Jackfruit, Kokum, Kaju, Sugar, Aliv and Ambadi. Now we can enjoy our favourite sweets if deep fried in desi ghee with no fear of heart or diabetes disease. Few of the information from the book is given below.

  1. Mishri mixed with clove is used for fighting tooth decay and motion sickness.
  2. Superfood are always local
  3. Banana is rich in electrolytes, fibre, pectin, vitamin B6, potassium and therefore helpful in weight loss
  4. Like banana, Ghee is also beneficial in weight loss because of a small chain of fatty acid help in break down of other fatty acids. It also helps in better digestion and gives strength to spine and joints.
  5. Rice is rich in L-Lysine which assist in the digestion of other protein and helps in proper sleep at night.
  6. Kaju is rich in vitamin B which is critical for carbohydrate metabolism.
  7. Coconut has an essential fatty acid called medium-chain triglycerides (MCT) which increase stamina and endurance.

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