Vocabulary: Magic of Words

Robert T. Kiyosaki was in a conversation with his rich dad. Rich dad is telling Robert that many people are poor or middle class because they want to be poor or middle class. Confused Robert is then asked by his rich dad to observe his poor dad talking in general. He found dad his poor dad have the vocabulary of poor people which include, “earning money is very tough”, “rich people have no morals”, “I prefer to be happy instead of being rich” etc. That is when Robert, as well as I, understand the magic of words.

In case you wonder who is Robert T. Kiyosaki then let me tell you that he is a writer, “Rich Dad Guide to Investing.” The book I am currently reading.

I am in total agreement with the Rich Dad. According to him a person character, attitude, and wealth can be described by observing their words. A doctor has a vocabulary full of the medical word; an engineer uses lots of technical words; a comic book and movie fan uses phrases from movies and the comic world; A writer has an abundance of beautiful words.All above example shows that there is a different type of words for the different kind of people and this is where the foundation of magic is laid.

According to Magic of words, increase our vocabulary in the direction of our destination, and we will reach our targets. Whatever it may be it will start appearing. Now some people may think what non-sense, who can increasing vocabulary will take us to our destination. I have a brainstorming question for them, “why there is a different type of word even if another word or set of the word can describe it effectively?” For instance, if we have “not rich” to describe a person financial status then why we have “poor”. If “not positive.” can donate a state then why we have “negative”. The answer is because these different words are associated with diverse images in our mind and thus the creator of different worlds. Therefore we can create a new world by control the words we use, and if this is not magic, then I don’t know what magic will be.

Everyone knows the power of positive thinking and positive attitude. We also have lots of quotes on it and people teaching everywhere but are we truly able to achieve it. The best way to find it out is to watch our words. Take your time and think how you want to be, then write it on a piece of paper. Now try to use these word in our daily life as much as possible, and we will feel our world changing. Just for the sake of understanding, I am giving an example below. It will help more than anything in this world.

If my goal is to look smart and handsome, then I can use this two word as given below and still feel positive.

  • I am not smart
  • I am not handsome
  • I am less attractive as compared to Brad Pitt.
  • Hrithik Roshan is more magnetic compare to me

All the above statement is considered as a positive attitude because word creates the image that the whole world is full of smart and magnetic people and I am more or less one of them. Also, psychologically it will take less effort to transfer from ‘not handsome’ to ‘handsome’ as compare to ‘ugly’ to ‘handsome’. I am writing few more words to use on daily basis to make your life easy and this post lengthy

Concentrate, don’t Concentrate

Focus, not focus.

Opulent, not opulent

Happy, not happy

Loving, not loving

Caring, not caring

Comfortable, not comfortable

Easy, not easy

Like this post, don’t like this post

Share this post, don’t share this post

Follow me, don’t follow me

Leader, not leader

Wise, not wise

Intelligent, not intelligent.

Powerful, not powerful

Strong, not strong

Practice, don’t practice

Read, don’t read

Assets: money coming

Liabilities: money not coming

Prayer: Thank you for all the happiness, comfort, prosperity, abundance, opulance, luxuries and love of the world that you are showering on me and my people.

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Look Sharp, Feel Strong, and Create Paradise.


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