Youtube Videos Download by VLC

VLC is very important software; we often neglect its importance and uses. We used VLC for just watching videos, but have you ever used a VLC player to download videos from YouTube? We use IDM and other downloading managers to import videos from YouTube to your computer, but we know that IDM is not free software, and it has a limited edition which is free to use but after that, you have to pay for it. Sometimes an IDM link is not available to download the video from YouTube. Every other downloading software is not free, but why we bother about all these software’s if we have our own VLC media player,

Without wasting anymore second of your valuable time I just tell you the steps to download any video from YouTube to your computer.

Step 1:- Open YouTube in a browser and type the name of the file you want to download.vlcStep 2:- Copy the Url of the file from the browser as directed above.

Step 3:- Open VLC media player.vlc 2Go to – Media,  then click on the Open Network Stream.

Step 4:- Paste the copied YouTube Url here.vlc 3

Step 5:- Click the small arrow near play option and then click on the stream option.vlc 4

Step 6:- A new window will open like this,vlc 5 Click next,

Step 7:- Next will open a new window,vlc 6 Click the add button

Step 8:- Click browse buttonvlc 7

Step 9:- Name the file and save it.vlc 8

Step 10:- Click nextvlc 9

Step 11:- Uncheck activate transcoding and click nextvlc 10

Step 12:- Click streamvlc 11

Now you see your video is downloading with the increase in the blue line. vlc 12Your video is downloaded with the completion of the blue line.

Step 13:- After completion, close the VLC media player and go where you save your video and play the downloaded filevlc 13

Enjoy the video.

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