Plan to Get Rid of Reservation in India

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India is a powerful, peaceful, prosperous, as well as populated country. Today the major topic of discussion among Indians are reservation in educations and jobs. To understand the policy of reservation, first of all, we have to understand the social structure of old India.

The primary religion in India, i.e., Hindu religion depends upon the philosophy that the humans are made up of a body and Aatma (soul). This soul is immortal. Just like body changes clothes, in a similar manner, soul changes body until it reaches its destination, i.e., Parmaatma (God). This incarnation is due to the karma of past life and the next incarnation of our soul is determined by our karma in this life. Depending on the karma the body can take one of the four human forms. These human forms are generally given the name ‘caste.’

  1. Shudra: The lowest in order. These humans are expected to do laborious work and take care of others.
  2. Vaishya: The second last. The natural karma for human born in this categories is expected to do agriculture, cow-protection, and business.
  3. Kshatriya: The second of the four The natural characteristics of these humans are bravery, power, determinations, efficiency, patience in war, generosity, and leadership.
  4. Brahman: The closest to god. Peace loving, self-control, meditation, purity, tolerance, truthfulness, knowledge, science, and religion are the natural characteristics of Brahman through which they work.

(Can you see the evolution of intelligence with each caste.)

This four caste gave birth to a system called caste system. The people born in a caste is supposed to show devotion for their natural karma along with the faith in the god. Their faith and devotion for their karma lead them to higher human form and toward Mukhti. But if they fail themselves by deviating from there karma, then they will take lower body form and move away from Mukhti.

Whoever had made this caste system must be a genius. The development and implementation of the caste system along with the philosophy stated in the start genuinely make the society stable, self-dependent, interdependent and reach optimum potentials. This is how successful animal around us like ants and termites make their colonies. The problem arises when the lower cast people start challenging the superiority of the upper castes people and more than that when upper cast people start showing their advantage to the lower cast people and thus get diverted from their established path.

To combat this problem in new India, where the social structure is changing from the colonies of the ants to the colonies of the birds (in bird colonies, although they live together, every bird is responsible for their own well-being) incorporated the policy of reservation to empower the lower caste people. It’s a proper initiation at that time, but today every other person wants reservation for education and job.

The solution

It has something to do with the human psychology. We know about debit and credit cards. A debit card is a card through which we cash the money we had given to the bank to keep, whereas a credit card is a card through which we cash the money that bank had given us. If we think rationally then we realize that the debit card of the bank is the credit card for us whereas a credit card of the bank is a debit card for us. Minor change in words and people are happy with the credit cards of the bank.

In a similar manner, we can change the name for the unreserved category as open sets for all categories and reserved categories as closed seats for SC/ST and closed seats for OBC. After this change in name, with every new demand for reservation increase the open seats for all categories and reduce the closed seats. In five year there will be more than 90% of the seats for all the categories.

Note to government: You cannot get rid of caste system by reservation. Either follow it properly or make new criteria for caste systems and determine their place in the society.

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