Why” is an essential question. I learned it from my personal experience. There is always something another side of the “Why” to fascinate us.

Answer these questions.

  • Why does apple fall from the tree to the ground?
  • Why sunrise in the east?
  • Why are we able to see?
  • Why are you answering these questions?

The last question can have two answers. First, you want to know the importance and mystery of “Why”. Second, I asked you to do so. In case you fall in the first category you will find out that your head is clear. You are motivated and focused. You stop reading as soon as you find out that you are not getting a satisfactory answer to feed your curiosity. If your curiosity is satisfied, you will also retain something at the end of the article.

Chances of getting surprised by the last question are very high for the second category of people. Either they are reading this article to do some time pass or just for the sake of reading something. Their motivation and focus level is less compare to the first group. These people will stop reading if they get bored. These people will forget this article in few hours.

You see how a clear and good answer to the “Why” will keep us motivated and focused. It will also cut out the distraction and keeps us moving to our actual goal. Therefore in future, if you have to do something ask yourself, “Why I am doing it?” Write it down on a piece of paper. It will surely help you in achieving your goal.

Now answer this question.

  • Why are you answering my question?

Because I asked you to do so, then check out my other articles too.

If your answer is, because you want to know more, then I have two more questions for you.

  • Do you understand the importance of “Why”?
  • Why?

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