Theory of Contradiction

The opposite of truth is also true.

I never followed a teacher in my lifetime. I respect them but I don’t follow them. They always seem to do something that is in contradiction with their teachings. It is simply a huge disappointment for me whenever I saw it though I never resist as I am bit slow in understanding my emotions. I found this trend even in sports. People ask to play for the team but prefer themselves over others. This is too much for me. Why can’t everyone stick to their point of views all the time? I distance myself from those people thinking I am different and better than them, but I was wrong.

I am as common as I am special, and my value at any given circumstance and point of time depends on the action I take which may or may not in tune with my philosophy. A valuable person will stick to his philosophy more often than not. From the starting of this paragraph, you all have started feeling the uncertainty about my thought and this uncertainty is what I called Theory of contradiction. At some point, you are in agreement with my statement and other it implies that I am not going to follow even my own philosophy. This contrast is an important redundant in a healthy society.

Where there is uncertainty there is also probability. Ideal or 100 % probability is a myth, at least in my opinion, at this point in time, which can change in future depending on the increase or decrease in my wisdom and experiences. Taking about probability, we have to calculate the probability of any event in given circumstances before we arrive at any conclusion, and our conclusion must base on the event that is more likely to occur but it doesn’t mean we must neglect the chance of other events to happen.

This theory of contradiction which use the concept of probability also applies to the society as a whole and on an individual as well. Now, to make thing easier we don’t have to calculate the exact probability. Just divide the whole into four quarter i.e., 25%, 50%, 75% and 100%. To calculate this read history. We also know that history repeats itself.

I hope you all understand this concept. If not, then have patient because I will describe this concept with few more in greater detail by the end of this year. I am sure if you follow all those rules then you will rise the ladder of success in the most harmonious way possible. The only problem is that the theory of contradiction says otherwise.

Just because you read till now as a reward I am going to tell how to use this theory of contradiction in writing a good article.

  1. Whenever you write an article, consider two personalities. One, who is in support of the topic, and the other who opposes the concept.
  2. Write the article as a debate is going on between these two personalities. (It’s debate, not discussion) One paragraph for pro then another paragraph for conc.
  3. Write at least two paragraph of each personality.
  4. Avoid making any strict conclusion but also make a probable conclusion depending on the personality which wins.

Note 1: This point have great chance of creating a good article as it will have emotional ups and downs and in good agreement with contradiction theory.

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