Rich People Have More Time Than Common People.

It is world’s very well known fact that every person on this earth has equal time, i.e., 24 hours. No matter how rich or how poor, a person has same time and opportunity to excel. Do you agree? I don’t.

Suppose there are two persons A and B. A is rich and B is not rich. Now I will compare these two people, first on time and then on opportunities they have. If you agree with my opinion like and share this article.

Time: B is very competent and motivated. Therefore he/she sleeps for only 6 hours a day. He/she also have to eat to get energy. B spend just one and half hours in a day for this purpose. Though he/she is very competent but not machine thus 1-2 hours will be lost due to inefficiency. Total time left is (24-6-1.5-1=)15.5-14.5. A is lazy and sleep for 8 hours. A also spend his 2-3 hours with his friends. For the rest of the day, he spends time doing things he/she feel significant. If 3 hours is lost due to inefficiency total time A have is (24-8-3-3=)10.

Now A rich and therefore he hird 10 B type who work for him, let’s say for 6 hours. Taking this point into consideration and recalculating the time for A we will find out that A has total (10+(6*10)=) 70 hours a day. While B has (15.5-6=) 9.5 hours a day.

Opportunities: If A has a simple idea, he/she get the support of everyone around him/her and lots of positive thoughts come to boost A’s moral and confidence. Besides A also have more time to work on his/her idea. On the contrary, no matter how brilliant B’s Idea he/she has to carry it out alone unless he/she meet someone who can see the future from B’spoint of view.

To help everyone who belongs to B category, there is a book name Think and Grow Rich: I will write about it When I finished reading it.Note: There is one condition that can be very helpful for B type (Not Rich) people and can make B type people more effective and efficient than A type (Rich) people. Be Interdependent. From above example, if all ten B-type start working on the same case as a team then time B-type people have will be (15.5+(9*6))=69.5 hours. Being Interdependent can be that helpful and thus in return make everyone rich.

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