Progressive Overloading

There are many ways to achieve success. When we look at any successful people, we find out that they have their ideology about the way in which they perform to excel. If we ask these people, how they find their success overnight, most of them will get irritated. It is a typical phenomenon by a rational human being. They will inform us that it is a strategic step by step process which put them in the present circumstances. I call this Strategic step-by-step process as Progressive Overloading.

I came across the idea of progressive overloading when I start my gym routine. In search of a good workout schedule, I read extensively and where ever I go this word comes up. I realize that it is entirely accurate to our real life works too. In studies, job, relationship, hobbies, carrier everywhere. Therefore I am pretty convinced that it is one of the ingredients in the recipe for success.

Progressive overloading works because with the application of it we can change our lifestyle. Let me explain it to you with an example. Suppose, Krishna and Yashwardhan never studied in there past, but suddenly decided to study for a month continuously every day. Krishna decided to study 8 hours from day one to last day where Yashwardhan chose to study for two hours on day one with a constant increment of one hour till he reaches 10 hours and then keeps it steady until last day. What you think, who’s idea is better? Total time of study for Krishna is 240 hours and, 248 hours for Yashwardhan. Also, what you think about the efficiency of Krishna and Yashwardan? Who’s efficiency is better?

In above example, the area of application is new for both the candidates. What if they have to work in their field of expertise. For instance what if Yashwardhan decided to study for 12 hours next month. Should he start progressing for 10 hours or get to his previous base value, i.e., 2 hours and start from there? You must decide your base value or anchor according to your past performance and the pace at which you can go forward without any fatigue.

One Important Issue that we have to keep in mind while applying progressive overloading is that we only have to move to the next milestone once we adjust to the lifestyle of the previous one. Adapting to the lifestyle implies to optimizing energy at the given amount of workload. To maximize our efficiency we need to practice mindfulness.

From now on while planning to have something always take Progressive Overloading in consideration.

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