Long Drive vs Life

Suppose we are driving an auto and set for a long drive. As we know that in the long drive we have to drive straight most of the time. We also come across few transaction of three or four roads and busy marketplaces. Before we started our journey if we had answered the following three questions our journey will be smooth. The questions are

  1. Why are we going on the long drive?
  2. Where are we going?
  3. Are we going to complete the whole journey with auto?

Let’s try to answer these questions one by one.

  1. The most obvious answer to this question is that we are getting bored let’s go for a drive. This is not the complete answer. The complete answer will be like, we are getting bored let’s go to eat something or visit someplace etc.
  2. If we have to eat something then where? If we have to visit someplace then which place?
  3. Are we going to complete the whole journey with auto?

These three answers will help us to choose right route when we come across transaction and also keep us going during busy traffic areas. These transaction and the traffic area are the places where we require most energy, effort and presence of mind.There are also some chances that somehow we make the wrong decision but if we keep analyzing after fix distances we will eventually realize our mistake and correct it in the next transaction. Most important of all we always have to keep the speed of the vehicle such that we can control it whenever we want.

Our lives have many similarities with the long drive. Auto represents our present state. Our present state differs from person to person. Some people have to start by walking and few start by driving Jaguar or Range Rovers but all of us can end up riding Rolls Royals (this is what movies and books teach us).  Most of the time people enjoy the ride more as compare to destinations. Just like long drive adventure, before starting our live adventure, we have to answer three questions for ourselves.

  1. Why are we living?
  2. How we want to live?
  3. Are we going to live in the same state throughout our lives or we choose the better way?

The transactions represent the major decision for the life and the busy area is an analogy of struggle that we have to face sometime. These things require patience and energy to overcome but we once get through life will become smooth and swift. We can make the right decisions and cross the struggles of the life if we have our goals in our mind. In short, we have to do three things.

  1. Decide only when it is important because it requires energy.
  2. Analyze, after the definite interval, that we are on the right path.
  3. Always maintain control over ourselves.

The above three questions and three actions will eventually get us where we want to be in our life.


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