Live in Present Indefinite

Past cannot be changed, the future is still to come, the present is all that we have, and that’s why we call it a gift.

Something along the meaning of the above line is a well-known quote. We talk about the present, we explain other to live in the present, but what is present? We will discuss it in a while, before let’s talk about action and reaction. Reaction (results) originate from actions (karma). The action is what we take to produce some results, but that result is a combination of many other circumstances. For example, when we walk on different types of surfaces. We fall on a slippery surface, but nothing happens on rough surfaces. The same action produces different results because results are the sum total of many variables. Similarly, our future will be the sum total of present actions, past results, and many unknown variables.

If the present actions are one variable in a future outcome, then it’s better to understand it. Again the same question arises. What is Present? Many believe that present in now, the exact moment that arrived and passed faster than light. How it is possible to live NOW. Time is moving so quickly. Thus we have to work, work, and work. That’s right. We have to work (PRESENT INDEFINITE).

One great achievement for a person is to live in present indefinite: Sachin Singh

Let’s make it more transparent. In English, there are 4 types of the present. One is present continues, the present which is in progress with no visible end or beginning. Second is present perfect, the end of the present with no beginning. The third is present perfect continues, the ongoing present with a predicted end in the future but no beginning. The fourth one, the chief guest of this article, is present indefinite, the present which exists in the past, present and in future simultaneously.

We need rest, we need to eat, we need to drink, we need to talk, and we need to listen. These activities are few essentials of human lives. Working all the time is so outdated. We have to understand that when we become still, we will feel the flow of time. This flow makes us uneasy, and therefore we decide to live in continuation partially because of our irrational fear of lagging behind and partly because of criticism from others to whom we appear still. Just relax and be still, let the time flow, let it flow through us.

the flow of time through us doesn’t mean the wastage of time. Intelligent people see action in inaction and inaction in action. This means that we need to stretch ourselves to such an extent that time lives in us, and this is possible when we live in present indefinite. There are chances that you disagree with this philosophy, and it’s completely normal. It’s too much assurance for a happy life with no actual validations. Whatever your opinion is, this is the fourth step and in line with the previous three philosophies, i.e., Theory of contradiction, Avoid ego, and the optimum is the path.

All we have to do is to optimize the use of present indefinite in our life. If we feel tired, take rest, instead of resting, when we feel energized, work, instead of working, when we feel hungry, eat, instead of eating, and when we feel joyous, sing, instead of singing. The best thing about the present indefinite is, we can rest, work, eat and sing simultaneously in the present, and all these activities also retain our stillness.

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