Is Sex Over-Rated

Love and Lust are the two most frequently used words. Where love has a broad meaning, lust is mostly related to physical pleasure. This lust will take us to one of the most taboo yet popular topics of SEX. if it is a taboo then why I am writing about it. Because it is popular too. I have two primary reasons for publishing this article.

  1. While reading a book, I discover something interesting about sex that I want to share.
  2. The word “sex” attracts lots of attention.

I was reading that a research is conducted in America and France to measure the U-Index of the women living there (read experienced well-being to know more about U-Index). The result of the research shows that the activity which can make their day happiest is Sex. Mathematically, U-Index for sex is 5%, and the closest contender is socializing and T.V. with 12%. Lower U-Index means a happier life.

Thus we get our answer, i.e., no, sex is not over-rated, and it is the happiest activity one can do if done willingly. Then why it is taboo? Before answering this question, I want to write a few more things, and one of them is the relationship between richness and sex.

Rich people are famous for their sexual activities. Men or Women, no exception. Sex is taboo mostly for people who are not wealthy. To understand this, we have to look at U-Index again. Same activity has different U-Index depending upon the wealth of the person. A prosperous person has lower U-Index than a person who is not rich for the same event. Also, rich people are inspired by the pleasures of the life whereas the people living in poverty is driven by the pain of the living. Keeping all the information in mind and connecting the puzzle you all will find out, why rich people want to fuck, and poor people ban sex although they are unable to do it.

The point is if sex is the most pleasurable activity then why it is a taboo or why most religions prohibit it. The answer is again the same. Sex is the most pleasurable activity for the human brain, and nothing can match it unless you are truly enlightened. A person driven only by pleasure will become the slave of sex because no matter what they do nothing can match the joy of sex. This can make people go nuts.

Most religion knows this, they also know that if they ask people to leave sex because it is the most pleasurable activity and will eventually drive them crazy, people will discard the suggestion. A better and easy way to keep people away from sex is to tag it as taboo and malign it instead of teaching self-discipline to people.

You all know that both the person, one who hides his/her desire for sex to appear reasonable, and the one who always trying to have sex, are not trustworthy. One is only driven by the pleasure of life whereas the other is not courageous enough to accept his/her own desire in public.

In my opinion, a person who practices mindfulness will enjoy the pleasure of sex without being it slave. Mindfulness is an art of doing what you are doing after knowing why you are doing it. Ask yourself, what are you doing and why are you doing it. When you find your why nothing can match the happiness that you can drive from it. I once read Siddharth, which implemented the same concept.

Also by the theory of contradiction, absolute happiness is a myth (I am surprised by myself how I can use the theory of contradiction everywhere. This theory is keeping me grounded as well as giving me wings to fly). We can only maximize our happiness by going with the flow of the universe (Just like the saints or monks). To live in this material world, we can maximize our happiness by scheduling our different activity on a daily basis by giving few hours to thing that make us happiest (spending time with people we love).

By the way, the book I read to reach this conclusion is “thinking fast and slow” by noble prize winner Daniel Kahneman.

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