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Everyone great person agrees that imagination is a potent tool. Imagination is the second step in the process of creation. To clear the doubt, the first step in the creation process is Desire. You are reading this article, means you have the desire either to gain knowledge or some materialistic thing. Imagination works well when we have a fixed desire, and we call these types of desire ‘Goals.’ Again, we are here, this means we already have goals that we have to achieve, and thus imagination is the next best tool we are going to need.

We must set small and achievable goals if you are going to use the tool of imagination. Once we are able to achieve our small goals, then choose the next goal slightly more prominent than first and go on just like that. If you had read the last article of health and creativity which is about words, then you already know how words can be used to trigger the imagination.

To achieve our goals using imagination as a tool we have to do three things.

First: Imagine the next possible step while keeping the primary goal in mind.

Second: Imagine how we are going to do it. The action which is possible and needs to be taken.

Third: Action taken to complete the step.

We need to keep on repeating these three steps until we reach our final goal. This is a long journey with no end because once we achieve a goal, we will fill with the desire of the next target. I suggest you, experience this journey firsthand. It is fascinating. It will expand your knowledge, intelligence, and wisdom. There are many people including us, who will help by doing whatever they can in your journey, but in the end, whether you want to achieve something or not, is your decision.

How to imagine your next step? Use the right words and imagination comes running to us. Take a notebook and pen and sit in a quiet place, then ask yourself with full focus and concentration, “Next step in the direction of my goals with the help of resource that I have.” Write down everything that comes into your mind. Next day, act on every idea you had written. Analyze the result, and repeat the process. This is how almost every successful person lives there life. This schedule is what creator’s lifestyle is all about.

Result analysis is crucial. It will feed us with new knowledge and information and therefore in return facilitate us to imagine better steps. With the optimum amount of intelligence, we will have optimum results. This is a long process, and by the theory of contradiction, it is possible that sometimes the steps shown by your imagination may give wrong results. Be brave in failure. Success and failure is the part of life. Held your head high and give one more try. Remember, success and failure are just two types of milestones in our life. We have to use our brain and decide, on which kind of milestone we must fix our mind. Whatever milestone our mind is being focused that type of milestone will come frequently.

The mind is our dearest friend and biggest enemy depending upon our use of it. With discipline and consistency, we can train our brain to control our mind. You can use the book creator’s lifestyle to live a disciplined life. Once you are able to manage your mind then focus it on 12 words and your imagination will start giving you favorable results.

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