How to Stay Motivated

What is Motivation? For me, motivation is a fancy word which is used when people need will-power to stick to a good plan. When people act according to their ideas, other’s called them motivated. Just to make it clearer let’s proceed with an example.

According to Creator’s lifestyle, the use of electronic devices having a screen (Mobile, TV, and Laptop) must be restricted between 9:00 a.m. to 06:00 p.m. It is an excellent plan if we take into consideration the fact that when we get tired, we mindlessly surf on these devices which used to manipulate us and sometimes feed us with wrong information. Just try to remember how the content of these devices are filled with violence, hate, and sarcasm. According to Creator’s Lifestyle, when we are active, we can distinguish between right or wrong and good or bad but as we grow tired the boundaries start getting blur. Only audio-video devices are targeted in the Creator’s Lifestyle because these are better manipulation devices compare to other. Audio-Video is the one-way communication devices using most sense organs (Eye as well as ear with almost no use of brain).

Once you are convinced that using audio-visual devices between 09:00 am to 06:00 pm is a good plan, the word motivation comes into play. Now you need a push to stick to it, and this push is called motivation, and if you are able to stick to the plan, then you are considered to be motivated. The drive that we are calling motivation can be external as well as internal, and it’s work best when we have both.

This article is about how to stay motivated, and if you are reading this article and want to stay motivated, then you surely have some goals to achieve. To achieve the goal we need motivation (Push). We already know that there are two types of motivation, one is internal and the other one is external. Let’s start with internal one first, and it will be easier to explain it with an example.

If your goal is to use audio-visual devices between 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. and you want motivation to follow it then always remember the “why”.

Q: Why I should restrict audio-visual between 9 – 6?

A: Restricting audio-visual devices between 9 – 6 will make me more creative and productive.

Q: Why I should use audio-visual device between 9 – 6?

A: Using audio–visual devices will make me more productive and assist my growth because it is more entertaining and productive and thus a more significant portion of the population is using it.

Q: If audio-visual devices are more productive then why not use it all the time?

A: Too much of anything is poison. It will kill creativity and hinder growth. Besides, it is also used by other people, and sometimes their work can distract us.

I hope you understand how internal motivation works. Once we find our internal motivation, we will eventually find our external motivation. Everything that facilitates us to follow the plan is external motivation. For instance, consider a house with four floors, and you live there. The first floor is for guest and entertainment, the second one is your office, the third one have a gym and kitchen, and fourth is your bedroom along with good books collection. Now answer honestly that what are the chances that you will do exercise, eat healthy, and read something before sleeping every day. We can consider these types of structure as an external motivator. This also explains why rich people are more motivated than poor people. Rich people are more capable of surrounding themselves with external motivators. Thus, Be Prosperous, Be Rich.

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