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After the theory of contradiction and ego, competition and to excel in competition is the next thought to ponder about. For an instant, take this website ( At the point of time of completion of this article, is about engaging and useful blogs and affiliation marketing to generate income. As an owner, primary task to undertake for the website is to make it grow to the point where it starts growing automatically with the least effort possible. The obvious answer to this problem is, “Be the best in the field.” There are so many innovations and inventions and also the sheer number of websites that it becomes tough to reach the best, and even If somehow become the best then there will be someone who will beat us the next moment if we rest (sometimes also if we don’t rest.) Be the best is the wrong answer.

The next obvious answer is “very good.” The value of best fluctuates too much but very good have a fixed range. Also, where best create solitude and competition, very good create union and appreciation. Therefore as an owner, it feels satisfying to generate very good growth. This means we should run away from the competition? Theory of contradiction says yes as well as no. Just act like there is no competition if we are ready to make constant progress in quality and quantity. To maintain the very good growth is not always possible. Due to continual change in resources and situations, growth also fluctuates, and failure to achieve the targets feels frustrating.

What should we do? Going for best create competition and tiring work, to maintain very good growth is also tricky, and therefore we have to revise it all the time. The choice for the good growth will raise the question, “is good good enough.” What is the best possible answer? Suddenly it struck that the best possible is the answer. Although its value fluctuates as in case of best, but it creates no competition (at least in our mind) because the value of best possible for the different website is different. It also includes all the known and unknown circumstances which we miss due to human error or limitations.

Optimum is the word to describe the best possible. After the theory of contradiction and ego, optimum is the third block, and it fits perfectly with the contradiction and ego. We have to focus on optimum growth with the available resources, workforces, and work hours. It has far more application besides growth projectile. In the case of ego, where we discuss to minimize the ego, we should now aim to avoid ego optimally or get over ego optimally.

Theory of contradiction says that every coin has two faces. One is heads (success, happiness, etc.) and the other is tails (failure, sadness, etc.). We can calculate their probability, but we cannot predict the outcome precisely. Our decision must include both the possibility, but it is difficult to keep a rational mind. If we focus on optimum, then we can optimize our rationality and make the best possible decisions.

Optimum will help us get over failures and setbacks because success means, “be right optimum numbers of time, not all the time.” At this point, we should know that the optimum is the domain of nature, or universe, or god, and nature gives us optimum results. Our domain is to think about the actions that can increase the value of optimum and give results in our favor and then act on it. This can happen when we come together with nature with the most harmonious way possible. Just try to refrain from ‘all,’ ‘every,’ ‘always,’ ‘maximum,’ and ‘minimum’ during planning or predictions. Also optimum only appear in relation with something, and during planning that something is our specific goals. Optimum is the path.

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