Ego: Good or Bad?

The whole world, this whole universe belongs to us not just to me.

In the purest form, ego is the representation of I. More ‘I’ we tend to use, greater the ego we have. To understand whether having an ego is good or bad, the first thing we need to define is the use of ego, and then we have to understand the difference between the spiritual and material world.

Let’s start with the use of the ego. Ego is mostly used to show the possession. We also use ego to draw confidence and demonstrate the power that we have to others. To make these point more understandable, we can take the example like

  • This article is written by me
  • I am the owner of
  • I am talented
  • I am successful

In all the above case, there is possession of things as well as an indication of power and influence on others.

The second thing that we need to understand is the difference between spiritual and material world. In the Spiritual world, everything is connected. This world belongs to God and energy. This world has no physical appearance. It is just energy flowing in a different form, some positive, other negative. Whereas in the material world, everything and everyone has its own identity, shape, structure, and characteristics. Nothing is connected directly. A stone fallen from a great mountain has its own character even though it was once a part of that great mountain. The material world belongs to every creature including humans.

We now know what is ego, how it is used, and the difference between spiritual and material world. These pieces of information are necessary to answer a simple question that is whether ego is good or bad because, in my opinion, ego is the bridge between the spiritual and material world.

If we have no ego, then we belong to the spiritual world completely, if we have too much ego we belong entirely to the material world. We have to choose, how much ego we must have, depending upon the time we want to spend in both the worlds. To understand it clearly again look at the examples

  • I am the owner of
  • Talented
  • Successful

There is no sign of possession or power or influence of I in the last two examples. You will also feel the difference in emotion when you read these example and the example given above. These four examples represent everyone as well as no one, but once the ego is attached to it, then it will belong to someone.

In simple language, ego is good if used very rarely, like, “I am Successful.” It is bad if used in excess. Too much ego will make us genuinely materialistic, and people will start treating you like material.

How to use this information in our life: There is one crucial field where we can use this information. AFFIRMATIONS. Nowadays lots of people following this path because it truly works as shown in many biographies, movies, and books. Suppose you are a blogger then you can use the affirmation as, “Write very engaging and useful blogs.” If you are an artist, then use, “Making stunning and charming art.”

This blog uses the same concept. Read the tagline of the blog. It says, “Look Sharp, feel Strong, and Create Paradise,” instead of, “I look sharp, I look strong, and I Create Paradise.” The second tagline looks so lame, isn’t it?

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