Competition leads to Cooperation

Competition is the nature’s law, but cooperation is a universal law

Once a show on BBC Earth reveal a mysterious natural phenomenon somewhere on earth. In summer, the vegetation of that area arranges themselves in ring-like structures. The host of the show decided to know the reason behind this phenomenon. At the end of the show, the reason is revealed, and that is due to the scarcity of resources and competition to use it made the vegetation take this shape. With the ring-like structure, plants optimize the use of available resources.

This type of events and many more shows that competition is necessary and it’s true. In other words, this initial competition results in the cooperation. One thing to notice is that the competition takes place between equal or almost equals. Also, the herbivorous cooperate easier than carnivorous. Collaboration is necessary to survive and flourish whereas competition is necessary to avoid over-population. By the theory of contradiction, we cannot ignore collaboration when we compete, also we can ignore competition when we cooperate.

For healthy growth both cooperation and competition are necessary, and we can only cooperate and compete with our equals. Support, who is below us, take help from above and compete to collaborate with our equivalents. Just optimize cooperation and prepare for the competition it brings. The question is how to find our equivalents?

To compete and cooperate in the human world and find our equal we need to divide every human into three group. The basis of the division is the goal set by the humans. One part cooperates with us in our goal, and other will compete with us by trying to hinder the fulfillment of our goals and third group just don’t care. For example, suppose the goal is to grow successfully. Then there will three group of people, one group want to build with us, the second wish to hinder the growth and third just don’t care.

How to recognize these groups? First of all, we have to set a goal. Once the target is set, then we have to work on it. Our focus must be on our goal. If anyone act against the set goal then they belong to the second group. If anyone acts in harmony with the goal, then they belong to the first group.

What to do when facing the competition? Defend with the equal force. Try to keep the energy equal not more or less. Guard the border properly. If anyone downgrades the virtue of our goals, in that case, achieve more along the path of the set goals. If they criticize us, then we have to praise ourselves. If they try to destroy resources, then reinforce the resources. In case there is no attack then mind our business and look for cooperations.

How to get the cooperation? While going through competition, we present our intelligence and skills to the word. These presentations attract people who want to utilize it. Provide them the intelligence and skills and in return ask for their knowledge and abilities in an equal amount that we can utilize it. Make a two-way deal and think win-win during cooperation. During lack of competition, mostly in case of new innovations, and inventions we have to show how useful we are to get the desired cooperation.

This way we can keep the competition alive to ensure the survival of fit, and then we cooperate with the fit. Therefore optimize cooperation and prepare of competition.

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