12 Words that can Change Everyone’s Life

What do you mean when you use these three words, ‘We’, ‘Ours’, and ‘Us’?

All the above words represent a group of people instead of one person. Also, most of the time, it also describes some types of similarities between the people in the group.

Similarly, whenever I use ‘we’, ‘ours’, or ‘us’, it represents all the people who want to Look Sharp, Feel Strong, and Create Paradise. Every person, who is in tune with the mission of healthandcreativity, is a team member of healthandcreativity. The word ‘everyone’ in the heading represents the team members of healthandcreativity. Before introducing to the words, a small question and answer session is necessary.

Question: Why 12 words, not 13, or 11, or 6, but only 12?

Answer: Our mind is very active while exercising. Also in “Creator’s Lifestyle: Gym Workout Workbook“, exercise tables are given that need to be filled. These table starts with 7 and goes till 12 reps. The main reason for choosing 12 words is that each word is the substitution of numbers 1, 2, 3, etc.

Question: You are saying that we can even use more than 12 words?

Answer: Yes! But suggest not to use more than 15 words. Every word has an image associated with it. Too many words can mess up the images.

Question: Why words, not sentences?

Answer: Word represents groups that have similar characteristics just like ‘we’, ‘our’, and ‘us’. Using only words can never boost our ego as we already discussed that more ego can be harmful. Also, according to the Theory of Contradiction, a word bring two contradictory images. We have to choose the one that brings more satisfaction to us.

Here’s an example just to show the power of an independent word. We can drop our desire for happiness if we start feeling happy. Right? Close your eyes and say “Happy” in your mind slowly 5 times. Do you feel like smiling? If yes, then you choose the right image. Neither attaches a word to any person nor to yourselves. Just to make this detachment a beautiful word that can come handy is ‘GOD’. Every word and every thought is attached neither to me nor to you but to him.

The 12 Words are:

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Keep the sequence of the word combination as given in here. Repeat these words with focus and concentration in your spare times or all the time and follow the Creator’s Lifestyle. There is a reason for choosing these words and the given sequence which will be explained in the upcoming book.

In case, you are curious that how many days will you need to repeat this words to feel the change. Although, it will show it effect from day one, but just to be on the safe side, it will take about 7 years. Why 7 years? Scientists say that every cell in the human body replaces itself in about 7 years. Therefore going with the opinions of the scientist, 7 year is suitable to increase the probability of success up to 99.999999 % (Theory of contradiction says 100% probability exists mostly in theory, not in practical.)

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Look Sharp, Feel Strong, and Create Paradise.


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