Meaning of Learning

Learning means a change in behavior. This change happens because of experience. In short, learning is a process of gaining experience, and it can occur at home as well as outside. It is a mental process that a person adopts deliberately due to which he can achieve his goal effectively and successfully. Every being have a tendency to work which help in his protection and survival. A child learns according to the basic behavior and automatic actions. It keeps on changing according to the experience a person gets. Taking advantage of such change in behavior due to increase in experience is called learning. Every person learns something in his/her life. Development of life depends on the power of learning. The one who has higher tendency to absorb also have better growth in life. A child learns everywhere and every time one thing or another. On this basis, Woodworth has said. ”Learning is a process of development.” Every person collects new experience in his life on daily basis. This new experience rectifies and modifies human behavior. That’s the reason these experience and there use is called learning. Learning is a positive reaction in any given situation. Psychologists considered the learning as a mental process, and this is a continuous process throughout our lives.

Learning is a universal process. Children start learning from the birth. A child first learns to drink milk, then to react against light and sound, afterward learn to cry and laugh, how to sit, how to walk, how to run, how to eat, how to dress. This way learning continued throughout his life. A simple example will explain it more clearly how experience helps in learning. As a small child saw a fire first time, they touch it and get burn. This burning experience taught the child not to touch the fire ever. This way behavior change according to the experience we get. Touching the fire is the first action, burning is the experience and not touching the fire again is stimulus or response. This whole process is called learning.

Following are the definition of Learning

By Skinner: Learning is the process further coordination on the behavior.

By Guilford: Learning is a change in behavior because of behavior.

By Colvin: Learning is an experience by which change or adjustment is one work takes place, and a new method of behavior is obtained.

By Pressy: Learning is an experience by which change or adjustment in one work takes place, and new method of behavior is obtained

By Woodworth: Any activity can be called learning so far as it develops the individual (in any respect, good or bad) and makes his later behavior and experiences different from what would otherwise have been.

By Gates: Learning and Training is the modification of behavior through experience.

By Bernhert: Learning is defined as the more or less permanent modification of an individual’s activity in a given situation, due to practice in attempts to achieve some goal or solve some problem.

By Kingsley, H.L., and Garry, R.: learning is a process by which the behavior is originated or changed through the practice of training.

All the above definition indicate that learning is that process by which a person adopts a new behavior due to his reaction in any given situation, thus changing his current behavior.

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