When Copyright Infringed

Copyright in a work shall be deemed to be infringed:

  1. When any person, without a license granted by the owner of the copyright or the Registrar of Copyrights or in contravention of the conditions of a license so granted or of any condition imposed by a competent authority
  • Does anything, the exclusive right to do which is by this Act conferred upon the owner of the copyright, or
  • Permits for profit any place to be used for the communication of the work to the public where such communication constitutes an infringement of the copyright in the work, unless he was not aware and had no reasonable ground for believing that such communication to the public would be an infringement of copyright; or
  1. When any person-
  • Makes for sale or hire, or sells or lets for hire, or by way of trade displays or offers for sale or hire, or
  • Distributes either for the purpose of trade or to such an extent as to affect prejudicially the owner of the copyright, or
  • By way of trade exhibits in public, or
  • Imports into India, any infringing copies of the work. Provided that nothing shall apply to the import of one copy of any work for the private and domestic use of the importer.

Explanation- For the purposes of this section, the reproduction of a literary, dramatic, musical or artistic work in the form of a cinematograph film shall be deemed to be an “infringing copy”.


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