Resale Share Right in Original Copies

In the case of resale for a price exceeding ten thousand rupees, of the original copy of a painting, sculpture or drawing, or of the original manuscript of a literary or dramatic work or musical work, the author of such work if he was the first owner of copyrights or his legal heirs shall, notwithstanding any assignment of copyright in such work, have a right to share in the resale-price of such original copy or manuscript in accordance with the provisions of this section: Provided that such right shall cease to exist on the expiration of the term of copyright in the work.

The share referred above shall be such as the Copyright Board may fix and the decision of the Copyright Board in this behalf shall be final: Provided that the Copyright Board may fix different shares for different classes of work: Provided further that in no case shall the share exceed ten percent of the resale price.

If any dispute arises regarding the right conferred by this section, it shall be referred to the Copyright Board whose decision shall be final.


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