Indian Copyright Act

Indian Copyright Act is passed on 4th June 1957. It went through an amendment in 1983, 1984, 1991, 1994, 1999, and 2012. This act is passed mainly to promote creativity in the society by providing minimum protection for the creations in literary and artistic works and let the author enjoy its benefits.

Note: This is only for the understanding of common people. In case of a court case, we will need a lawyer with Law books, but before we meet him, we must know things so that we don’t look like fools and totally dependent on him.

  1. Chapter I (Preliminary)
  2. Chapter II (Copyright Office and Copyright Board)
  3. Chapter III (Copyright)
  4. Chapter IV (Ownership of Copyright and the Right of the Owner)
  5. Chapter V (Term of Copyright)
    • Term of copyright in published literary, dramatic, musical and artistic works
    • Term of copyright in anonymous and pseudonymous works
    • Term of copyright in the posthumous work
    • Term of copyright in cinematograph films
    • Term of copyright in records
    • Term of copyright in Government work
    • Term of copyright in works of public undertaking
    • Term of copyright in works of international organizations.
  6. Chapter VI (Licences)
  7. Chapter VII (Copyright Societies)
  8. Chapter VIII (Rights of Broadcasting Organization and Performers)
  9. Chapter IX (International Copyright)
  10. Chapter X (Registration of Copyright)
  11. Chapter XI (Infringement of Copyright)
  12. Chapter XII (Civil Remedies)
  13. Chapter XII (Offences)
  14. Chapter XIV (Appeals)
  15. Chapter XV (Miscellaneous)



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