Control over the copyright society by the author and other owners of rights

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(1) Every copyright society shall be subject to the collective control of the author and other owners of rights under Indian Copyright Act whose rights it administers not being author and other owners of rights under Indian Copyright Act administered by a foreign society or organization referred to in sub-section (2) of section (34) (Administration of Rights of owner by Copyright Society) and shall, in such manner as may be prescribed:-

  1. Obtain the approval of such owners of rights for its procedures of collection and distribution of fees;
  2. Obtain their approval for the utilization of any amounts collected as fees for any purpose other than distribution to the owner of rights; and
  3. Provide to such owners regular, full and detailed information concerning all its activities, in relation to the administration of their rights.

(2) All fees distributed among the author and other owners of rights shall, as far as may be, be distributed in proportion to the actual use of their works.

(3) Every copyright society shall have a governing body with such number of persons elected from among the members of the society consisting of an equal number of authors and owners of work for the purpose of the administration of society as may be specified.

(4) All members of copyrights society shall enjoy equal membership rights, and there shall be no discrimination between authors and owners of rights in the distribution of royalties.


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