Administration of rights of owner by copyright society

(1) Subject to such conditions as may be prescribed;

(a) A copyright society may accept from an owner of rights exclusive authorization to administer any right in any work by issue of licenses or collection of license fees or both; and

(b) An owner of rights shall have the right to withdraw such authorization without prejudice to the rights of the copyright society under any contract.

(2) It shall be competent for a copyright society to enter into agreement with any foreign society or organization administering rights corresponding to rights under Indian Copyright Act, to entrust to such foreign society or organization the administration in any foreign country of rights administered by the said copyright society in India, or for administering in India the rights administered in a foreign country by such foreign society or organization:

Provided that no such society or organization shall permit any discrimination in regard to the terms of license or the distribution of fees collected between rights in Indian and other works.

(3) Subject to such conditions as may be prescribed, a copyright society may:-


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