The Power of Positive Thinking

Few paragraphs from “The Power of Positive Thinking”, by Norman Vincent Peale with little bit improvement in it.

“The body is designed to produce all needed energy over an amazingly long period of time. If the individual takes responsible care of his body from the standpoint of proper diet, exercise, sleep, no physical abuse, the body will produce and maintain astonishing energy and sustain itself in good health. If he gives similar attention to a well-balanced emotional life, energy will be conserved.”

“We only lose energy when life becomes dull in your mind. Our mind gets bored and therefore tired doing nothing. We don’t have to be tired. Get interested in something. Get absolutely enthralled in something. Throw ourselves into it with abandon. Get out of ourselves. Be somebody, do something. Don’t sit around moaning about things, reading papers, and saying: “Why don’t they do something?” The man who is out doing something isn’t tired. If we are not getting into good causes, no wonder we are tired. We’re disintegrating. We’re deteriorating. We are dead on the vine. The more we lose ourselves in something bigger than ourselves, the more energy we will have. We don’t have time to think about ourselves and get bogged down in our emotional difficulties.”

“It is impossible to have peace of soul if the pace is so feverishly accelerated. God Won’t go that fast. He will not endeavor to keep up with us. He says in effect. ‘Go ahead if you must with this foolish pace and when you are worn out I will offer my healing. But I can make your life so rich if you will slow down now and live and move and have your being in me. God moves imperturbably, and with perfect organization. The only wise rate at which to live is God’s rate. God gets the thing done and they are done right and he does them without hurry. He neither fumes nor frets. He is peaceful and therefore efficient. This same peace is offered to us.”

“It so happens that his home is situated in the grove of trees. Very early one morning, unable to sleep, he rose and sat by the window. He became interested in watching a bird emerge from his night’s sleep. He notices that the bird sleeps with his head under his wings. The feathers pull all around himself. When he awakened, he pulled his bill out from under his feathers, took a sleepy look around, and stretched one leg to its full length, meanwhile stretching the wing over the leg until it spread out like a fan. He pulled the leg and wing back and then repeated the same process with the other leg and wing, whereupon he puts his head down in his features again for a delicious little cat nap (only in this case a bird nap), then the head comes out again. This time the bird looked around eagerly, throw his head back, gave his wings and legs two more big stretches, then he sent up a song, a thrilling, melodic song of praise to the day, wherewith he hopped down off the limb, got himself a drink of cold water, and started looking for food.”

“A major key to success in this life, at attaining that which we deeply desire, is to be completely released and throw all there is of ourselves into our job or any project in which we are engaged. In other words, whatever we are doing give it all we’ve got. Give every bit of ourselves. Hold nothing back. Life cannot deny itself to the person who gives life his all.”

“The rough is only mental. In other words, it is rough because we think it is. In our mind, we have decided that there is an obstacle which will cause us difficulties. The power to overcome these obstacles is in our mind. If we visualize ourselves lifting that ball out of the rough, believing we can do it, our mind will transfer flexibility rhythm, and power to our muscles and we will handle that club in such a manner that the ball will rise right out of there in a beautiful shot. All we need to do is to keep our eye on that ball and tell yourself that we are going to lift it out of that grass with a lovely stroke. Let the stiffness and tension go out of us – Hit it with exhilaration and power. Remember, the rough is only mental.”

“Here we find the emotions involved in the past, re-living the past and not being able to go forward into life. The medical world can give relief in disorder like these. They can give something that can lower the blood pressure when it is high, or raise it when it is low but not permanently. They can give insulin which will burn up more sugar into energy and give the diabetic relief. These are definite aids, but they do not offer a complete cure. No drug or vaccine is has been discovered to protect us from our own emotional conflicts. A better understanding of our own emotional selves and a return to religious faith seem to form the combination that holds the greatest promise of permanent help to any of us.”

“Remember that anger is an emotion, and an emotion is always warm, even hot. Therefore, to reduce an emotion, cool it. And how do you cool it? When the person gets angry, the fists tend to clench, the voice rises in stridency, muscles tense, and the body becomes rigid. (Psychologically we are poised for fight adrenalin shoots through the body). This is the old cave-man hangover in the nervous system. So deliberately oppose the heat of this emotion with coolness – freeze it out. Deliberately, by an act of will, keep our hands form clinching, hold our fingers out-straight. Deliberately reduce our tone bring it down to a whisper. Remember that it is difficult to argue in a whisper. Slump in a chair, or even lie down if possible. It is very difficult to get mad lying down.”

“First, become a comfortable person, that is, one with whom people can associate without a sense of strain, of some persons. It is said: ’You can never quite get next to him.’ There is always a barrier you cannot get over. A comfortable person is easygoing and natural. He has a pleasant, kindly, genial way about him. Being with him is not unlike wearing an old hat or an old pair of shoes, or an easy old coat. A stiff, reserved, unresponsive, individual never mesh into the group. He is always just a bit out of it. We never quite know how to take him or how he will react. We just aren’t easy – like with him.”

“Whatever the character of our heartache, one of the first steps is to resolve to escape from any defeatist situation which may have been created around yourself, even though it is difficult to do so, and return once again to the normal course of our life. Get back into the mainstream of life’s activities. Take up your old associations. Form new ones. Get busy walking, riding, summing, playing – get the blood to coursing through our system. Lose yourself in some worthwhile project. Fill our days with creative activities and emphasize the physical aspect of the activity. Employ healthy mind-relieving busyness, but be sure that it is of a worth-while and constructive nature. Superficial escapism through feverish activity merely deadens pain temporarily and does not heal, as, for example, parties and drinking.”

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