The Law of Success: 2

The Law of Success: 1

9: Pleasing personality is the “fulcrum” on which you must place the “crow-bar” of your efforts, and when so placed, with intelligence, it will enable you to remove mountains of obstacles. This one lesson, alone, has made scores of master salesman. It has developed leaders overnight. It will teach you how to transform your personality so that you may adopt yourself to any environment, or to any other personality, in such a manner that you may easily dominate.

10: Accurate Thinking is one of the important foundation stones of all the enduring success. This lesson teaches you how to separate “facts” from mere “information.” It teaches you how to organize known facts into two classes: the “important” and the “unimportant.” It teaches you how to build definite working plans in the pursuit of any calling, out of Facts.

11: Concentration teaches you how to focus your attention upon one subject at a time until you have worked our practical plans for mastering that subject. it will teach you how to ally yourself with others in such a manner that you may have the use of their entire knowledge to back you up in your own plans and purposes. it will give you a practical working knowledge of the forces around you, and show you how to harness and use these forces in furthering your own interests.

12: Co-operation will teach you the value of team-work in all you do. In this lesson you will be taught how to apply the law of the “Master Mind” described in this Introduction and in lesson two of this course. This lesson will show you how to coordinate your own efforts with those of others, in such a manner that friction, jealousy, strife, envy, and cupidity will be eliminated. You will learn how to make use of all that other people have learned how to make use of all that other people have learned about the work in which you are engaged.

13: Profit by failure will teach you how to make stepping stones out of all of your past and future mistakes and failures. it will teach you the difference between “failure” and “temporary defeat,” a difference which is very great and very important. It will teach you how to profit by your own failures and by the failures of other people.

14: Tolerance will teach you how to avoid the disastrous effects of racial and religious prejudices which mean defeat for millions of people who permit themselves to become entangled in foolish argument over these subjects, thereby poisoning their own minds and closing the door, to reason and investigate. This lesson is the twin sister of the one on Accurate Thought, for the reason that no one may become an accurate thinker without practicing tolerance. Intolerance closes the book of knowledge and writes enemies of those who should be friends. It destroys opportunity and fills the mind with doubt, mistrust and prejudice.

15: Practicing the Golden Rule will teach you how to make use of this great universal law of human conduct in such a manner that you may easily get harmonious co-operation from any individual or group of individuals. Lack of understanding of the law upon which the golden rule philosophy is based is one of the major causes of failure of millions of people who remain in misery, poverty and want all their lives. this lesson has nothing whatsoever to do with religion in any form, nor with sectarianism, nor have any of the other lessons of this course on the law of success.

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