I can think, I can Wait, and I can fast.

There was a boy, whose name is Siddhartha. He was born in a Brahman family. Brahmans are the most intellectual sect of the Hindu system. They are intelligent, and they are wise. Siddhartha was brilliant, and he learned everything with perfection, but even after getting all these knowledge he knows that something is missing. Due to this satisfaction, he decided to leave his sect behind in search of complete understanding. He was not alone. Govinda, his friend, accompanied him in his quest.

Samana, they become, in hope to find the atman in them. They rarely talk to each other and always busy in there search through meditation. This continuous journey will lead them to the real oneness, thinks Govinda, but Siddhartha differs with him. According to him, they are moving in the cycle whose end cannot be seen as they are traveling the same path again and again.

The arrival of Buddha causes the split between Siddhartha and Govinda. Where Govinda stayed with the Buddha to learn from him, Siddhartha becomes his own student and leave. Though Siddhartha is in resonance with the teaching of Buddha, he also believes that no teacher can transfer the wisdom that they gather to anyone.

While Govinda lives a monotonous live according to the teaching of Buddha and always seeking the real truth, Siddhartha took a very different path. He chooses to learn how to make love from a courtesan in the city. His goal leads him into the Samsara, where his biggest weapon is thinking, waiting and fasting, which his learned during his life as Samana. Siddhartha becomes rich, learned love and anything thing but lost his ability to think, wait and fast.

After losing every happiness and filled with discontent Siddhartha decide the leave everything behind to live a new life. Vasudeva met him in his way when he decided to make river his teacher. Vasudeva taught him the art of reasoning. They listen to the voice of the river every day for many hours without speaking a single word to each other, and they are happy until coincidentally the courtesan came to Siddhartha with his child. Discontent accompanied Siddhartha as long as his child remain with him and even after he left to the city from where he came, but with the help of wise Vasudeva, he rose to the status of Buddha.

A very rough and small summary of the Book Siddhartha is given above. Hermann Hesse, the writer of Siddhartha, picturizes the rise and fall of Siddhartha with his words that we start walking in the shoe of Siddhartha, in as minimum words as possible. Full of drama and knowledge, the path that Siddhartha was chosen is somewhat relatable to every human being. In the end, the ways in with Govinda find out that Siddhartha reaches the state of Buddha is magical.

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